Improper use of logo

Occasionally, organisations use an accreditation logo when they are not accredited. We do all we can to stop these types of abuse as quickly as possible but unfortunately this is not always possible because organisations are sometimes difficult to trace. 

The RvA logo may not of course be used without justification. We have therefore provided details in a document of when the logo can be used. Below is a list of all organisations that incorrectly claim that they are accredited by the RvA.

Name Date Notes

Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbH

Ottobrunn / Munich

9-10-2015 Improper claim of RvA accreditation with registration number L680.

TUV-ICB Hellas S.A.
Athens - Greece


Improper claim on their website of RvA accreditation for ISO/IEC 17021

International Quality Registrars (IQR)
Frederick - USA


Improper use of the RvA logo on certificates